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About : Team Members

Michelle Sprouffske, LCSW

Michelle Sprouffske, LCSW

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

Educational Experience:

I obtained my Masters in Social Work from University of Southern California, with an emphasis in Mental Health.  I hold a Bachelors degree in Sociology/Anthropology with an emphasis in Social Welfare from Eastern Oregon University.  My degree in Sociology provides a framework of understanding how the systems in society can affect individuals in daily life.   I pull a lot from these systems theory and validate the way these external systems create oppressive experiences.

A Little About My Approach:

I come from an Anti-Racist/abolitionist foundation and believe in calling out how systems of racism and oppression affect mental health.  As a Queer disabled therapist, both invisible and visible disabilities, I am aware of the importance of a judgment free environment and the way that systems do not often provide this.  I use various approaches when working, such as feminist theory, systems, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-focused therapy, relaxation/guided imagery and others.  Each session is unique to the person, and I am always in consideration of client's values in regard to cultural identity as well as the client's strengths.

The foundational environment I create is one that is welcoming, free from judgment or speculation, and always confidential.  

I often tell clients that therapy is a place  in your life that allows you more time to process and a great step in creating a regular self-care routine.  A place that provides a chance for validation of your experiences, a new/or different lens, processing about any situation, and so much more.   Working with a therapist is about finding someone that you feel comfortable communicating with, and my hope is that the space we create together allows you to do just that.

Some areas that clients will specifically reach out to see if I can help are around life transitions, anxiety, sexual orientation, gender identity, climate change (eco-anxiety), self empowerment, low self-confidence, self-esteem or body-image, changing family dynamics and more.  

Grief and loss is something that each person will experience at some point in their life and due to the pandemic, we are all experiencing it on a massive scale. Grief itself will look and feel different for everyone and some people will want to talk to a therapist while they are processing the feelings.  This is an area that I am experienced in and am passionate about providing a place for people to process their emotions during those times of loss.  Each loss is significant, whether it is someone passing away, an ending of a relationship, loss of a pet, climate change or the grieving of the way you thought your life would look; allowing for a place to work through what you are experiencing is an important aspect of the work that I do.  

Therapy provides a place to process these range of feelings and experiences, while allowing you to hear your internal voice louder.

About Me:

My pronouns are they/them.  I have one adult child and raised them as a single parent beginning at age five, after their father passed suddenly.  Desiree is the other half of this therapy practice and the first person new clients come in contact with.  

Along with being a parent, I am proudly Queer and Disabled.  As a Zebra (hEDS-hypermobile- Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) my abilities fluctuate from day to day or even moment to moment.  Some days my disabilities will be visible (whether through  various braces, skin coloring or difficult finding the correct word from brain fog),  other days they will be invisible.  I provide this information upfront, not because it limits my ability to be present in the space with clients, but rather to raise awareness/model that disabilities are a spectrum.  For this reason as well, I try to make sessions as accommodating for any body/experience as I can.  

Though most of my life has been spent living on the land of the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde , The Chinook Tribe and The Kalapuya Tribe, a great portion of my life was living on Nez Perce land (eastern Oregon) where the town population was under 15,000.   Living within a rural area for so many years, allowed for a deeper understanding of the cultural experiences within a small community.  

My personal self care and self sustainability interests vary depending on my abilities that day.  When accessible, I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing video games and resting.  I am an avid animal lover, listen to all genres of music and aspire to learn and grow in new ways every day.

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