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Michelle Sprouffske, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Therapeutic Value

Therapy is a practice that allows you to learn more about yourself and provides a space where you can focus on aspects that are important to you.  It can create awareness of ways to care for yourself with the same compassion given to others. Often times, an individual can feel empowered within their life and gain a new lens/clarity on.  

This is an environment that is confidential and by working together, we can create a comfortable and welcoming space to fully process.  One where you feel more comfortable to work through different aspects of life, whether past, present or future.  

Through the therapeutic relationship, often a Client is able to find a deeper understanding about themselves and gain more insight into their experiences.   In therapy, one can discover new ways of who and what they are capable of; hearing their internal voice more clearly.  

I believe that therapy is a lifelong process as each one of us learns and grows daily.  Therapy can be weekly, every other week, once a month or even a couple times a year.  It is all dependent upon the individual and the events in their life at the time.  Attending therapy does not mean that you are broken or need to be fixed, you are already whole and of value just as you are.  Rather therapy is about reframing, gaining knowledge or insight of yourself, learning to listen/trust your inner voice and so much more.  Though therapy is beneficial, it is also hard work.  It is both physically and mentally exhausting at times, and one of the reasons we will spend time finding resources/techniques that help to keep you grounded and comforted during those times.  My goal is to help make this process as comfortable as possible when those tougher moments arise. 

My solo practice is currently full and I have transitioned into a LLC, which includes another therapist.  If you are interested in those openings, please click the Steps to Change, LLC button below, which will take you to  

Michelle Sprouffske, LCSW  (they/them)

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